I have always been interested in the power of objects. A successful work of art, to me, has an energy that can affect an entire room and the people in it. Our goal is to create pieces of furniture that have this transformative power.

Our design emphasizes the natural beauty not only of the grain but of the shape of wood, trying to find the balance of form and function. To work this way is to work slowly taking time to “listen” to the wood not to impose our will on it. I think all woodworking is a collaboration between the wood worker and nature, here we are willing to let nature play a larger roll than most. We are always looking for a ways to incorporate organic shapes in our designs, we then go on to refine these shapes, exploring the tension between the organic and refined. If one can get it right the results can be magical! I also believe that this approach is becoming increasingly relevant as we become more estranged from our natural environment. To create a piece that is very sophisticated but clearly has it’s roots in the natural world is a very powerful and has a grounding effect on a space and the people in it.

We really approach furniture making as art and that is what I love about it.